COVID-19 Resources

Kent County Small Business Recovery Program Grants

The COVID-19 crisis is devastating the fabric of our local business community. Kent County is built on the backbone of entrepreneurship and small business, and the Kent County Small Business Recovery Program is aimed at delivering short–term financial support to small businesses with the goal of supporting a strong economic recovery.

This fund is focused on using Coronavirus Relief Funds provided under the CARES Act to support for-profit businesses with 0-25 full-time equivalent employees located in Kent County.

Businesses that qualify for this fund will receive: A short-term economic relief grant ranging from $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 depending on size of business, operating costs, and additional scoring metrics.For more information and to apply, click here »

Kent County Non-Profit Organization COVID Relief Grant Fund

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic in Kent County, Heart of West Michigan United Way is partnering with Kent County to support local nonprofit organizations providing certain relief services during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The Kent County Board of Commissioners recently allocated $9.5 million in federal CARES Act dollars to create the Kent County Non-Profit Organization COVID-19 Grant Fund.

Applicants must be a local 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or 501(c)(6) nonprofit health and human service organization located within Kent CountyFor more information, click here »

Kent County Veteran Services Grants

In times of financial hardship, Veterans can contact Kent County Veterans Services to apply for emergency grants known as the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Fund. This grant program is designed to help alleviate the burden of unforeseen financial emergencies.For more information, click here »

Kent County Back to Work/PPE Program

Kent County has launched a program to provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies to qualifying small businesses and other employers to assist in reopening their operations.

This program provides eye and face protection, gloves, hand sanitizer and thermometers (while supplies last).For more information and to apply, click here »

Michigan Agriculture Grants

There is still more than $800,000 available in each of the three Ag Safety Grant programs (small farms of 1-9 employees, farms with 10 or more employees and processors). This funding is “first come, first served” until the money runs out.For more information, click here »

Workplace Guidelines and Safety- Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Super helpful resources including guidelines for employers, free posters and graphics, etc.For more information, click here »

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